02 August 2009

This is it. My journey has began. I turned my keys in on our house on Saturday, said my good- byes at church and in 7 and 1\2 hours we will be leaving for Springfield MO.

Colin is going as far as St. Louis with me while Kaitlynn will ride with Grandpa and Grandma. In St. Louis we will enjoy a day at the Zoo and explore the Arch, after which Colin will return to Indiana with Grandpa and Grandma, Kaitlynn will continue to Springfield with me to meet up with Herb where we will pick up our truck and begin our like on the road.

I have had several people ask questions on how things are done on the road, like where do you sleep?, How do you bathe?, What/where do you eat?

I love these questions and will do my best to answer any you may have as we trek across this wonderful United States.

I will start by telling you that we sleep in the truck. Herb and I sleep on the bottom bunk and Kaitlynn gets the top. The bunks are about the size of a twin bed and it can get quite......shall we say cozy.

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