14 August 2009


Yesterday and Today have been a couple of difficult days. I think the realization and the magnitude of what we are doing is starting to set in.
We are for all purposes homeless. That's not to say we are sleeping on the streets or anything, but we live in our truck. We don't have a place to call home. (A House) I never realized what a comfort it was to have a home. A place that remains the same day after day. An anchor.

I lost wifi service for several hours and was unable to communicate with friends and it was a shocker, not knowing what was happening somewhere other than my little world. It makes me feel more grounded to know what others are up to.

Enough whining, nothing too much happening on the road just traveling. Going from Texas to Georgia, then Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. We will deliver in Atlanta on Monday so we are weighing our options for the weekend.

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