17 August 2009

Weekend Fun

Our adventure began at Ruby Falls near Lookout Mountain TN.

Kaitlynn looks a bit lost at first.

This is the Mirror Pool down in the cavern.
Ruby Falls light show.
Mom, Do I really need to stand here?
Rock Garden at Rock city.

A view from the top of Lookout Mountain.

Checking out the Seven States
A family photo.

Fairy wings at Last.

The End of a Long Fun Day!!!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time out of the truck and Kaitlynn loved exploring Rock City and Lookout Mountain.
For more photos check out my album on Face book.


  1. Awwww...Kaitlynn was worn out by the adventure:) I always wanted to stop there every time we'd drive through. Signs all the way from Ky-Ga...'See Ruby Falls'

    'Has she finally fallen?' And will anyone catch her, hahahaha...would be the family banter. And then we started flying to Fla.

    Glad you had a great time and pics are fantastic!!

  2. So mom...where we off to next? Are we there yet?