29 August 2009

A Delivery in Savanah GA.

Tuesday August 25th dawned bright, and we were up early to get this delivery made. So Kaitlynn choose a banana for a pre-breakfast snack and some energy so she could help with the delivery.

We were delivering aluminum coils and the tarps had to be folded and the straps needed to be rolled up and put away.
I rolled the straps

while Kaitlynn straightened the tarps so they could be folded.

It was a big job for one so small but she insisted on helping. (daddy is on the other end of the tarp).
We finished quickly and were off to find the Beach.

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  1. What... no map updates? You give up on this? I understand not posting them as you are heading to your destination... maybe think of posting them after you are done and gone.