28 February 2010


It's amazing how much time can go by when you think Oh, I will do that tomorrow, pretty soon tomorrow becomes a week, then a month and before you know it you get to the point where there is so much to write it seems overwhelming and you don't write anything.
That stops today.
It has been a while since my last update, and on one hand I feel bad on the other, not much is new anyhow.
One new item is our addition to our family. Her name is Lea, she is about a year old now and weighs in at approx. 40 lbs.  She is a Honey Colored American Pit Bull Terrier.  We acquired her in Houston Texas, a man came to us while we were unloading and asked if we wanted a dog,(his wife didn't like big dogs)  She was already spade and had her puppy shots and best of all she was FREE!  We put her in the truck to she how she handled it, she woke Kaitlynn up who came down to say hello, Lea gave Kaitlynn a kiss or two then curled up on the floor and went to sleep.  We had a truck dog.  She is great with people but, she does not get along with other dogs, we are working with her on this.
Most of the time she is just as mellow as can be, she has even tried to be a lap dog once or twice, but that hasn't worked so well.
Kaitlynn went home for a few weeks to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa.  Then the first part of Feb. I went home for 2 weeks myself.  It was nice to get away from the truck for a bit, but by the time Herb was able to get a load back to get us we were both ready to get back on the road.  Kaitlynn even made Herb go with her to say good bye to Grandma and Grandpa so he couldn't leave without her.
We left Lafayette, IN and headed to Virginia.  There we got unloaded without incident only to spend the next three days fighting the weather.  We are currently on our way to Iowa and are hoping to avoid further snowstorms.  Winter driving conditions can get a bit rough at times, but Lea and Kaitlynn both love the snow so they keep each other occupied while we are loading and unloading.