31 August 2009

A Good Weekend

After hitting the beach we were dispatched to the Chicago area, for a Monday delivery so we decided to take advantage of the routing and pay a visit to our sons.

First stop was to visit Cody in Michigan on Saturday. We picked him up and had lunch then went to the local park to hang out and enjoy the mild weather, a welcome change after all the hot humid days in the Southeastern part of the US. Afterwards we headed on over to Lake Station/Merrillville IN.
Sunday after church we met up with Colin and spent the afternoon with him. We had lunch and then went to cruise the mall, after which we settled in to the truck to watch a movie together. It was nice to be together as a family if only for a short while. We didn't tell Colin that we were going to visit so he was totally surprised when they drove up to the truck. The expression on his face was PRICELESS.

As expected leaving was difficult but we both are better, him knowing that I will visit, and me knowing that he is OK and well cared for.

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  1. Glad you were able to see both of them! Didja at least WAVE when you went through Lafayette??? Posted pics of my weekend on FB.