12 August 2009


Today has been a tour of Texas. We delivered in Austin this morning, then went to Dallas to pick up a load going to San Antonio.

I helped to roll straps and get everything put away after our delivery today and in Dallas I strapped down the load of steel we are hauling, while Herb dropped the trailer we had. I guess that makes me a flatbed rookie.

I have had to fight Kaitlynn for the computer most of the day as she has a bit of a summer cold and just wanted to watch movies all day.

Texas may be a big state but, they don't mess around with the law. In the last hour we have passed at least 15 State Troopers most of which had someone pulled over.


  1. Hahahahaha...get her a portable dvd player??? I have had the same issues with my kids all summer. K watches Hulu on either desk or laptop, and of course, S uses whatever he's not. W's learned how to watch movies on the desktop, so sometimes Mom has to cram in all her internet time in the early hours or late at night! THANK GOD school starts tomorrow:)

  2. :) Miss you.... give kbug a hug from me...

    It's cool keeping up with you on here!!!

    Take it easy and stay cool... It won't be long until they can't call you rookie any more.


  3. I love Austin. Keep having a great time.