20 August 2009

Busy but uneventful days.

The last three days have been busy, but for the most part uneventful.
On Tuesday we were in Pittsburgh, PA, to unload the second portion of our load and then on Wednesday we went to Philadelphia PA and Jackson NJ for the third and forth parts. We ended this load in Caldwell NJ dropping the last and the largest of the air conditioner units we were hauling. They were industrial AC units and had to be unloaded with a crane.

We then picked up a load of PVC pipe in Muncy, PA and drove all night to Solon, OH to deliver it at 6 am this morning.
After sleeping a better part of the morning we were off to Wooster, OH.

There they loaded us up with a load of field stone used for patios, walkways and such. While we were securing the load it began to rain, not a sprinkle or a drizzle, I mean Rain. The big hurt when they hit you soaked to the skin in seconds rain. We took refuge under the trailer and waited for it to pass. In less than 15 min it had nearly stopped. We finished strapping the load and after changing clothes started making our way on up to Rochester, NY where we will deliver at 8 in the morning.

As I have been writing I glace at the sky and there is light pink scattered among the blue and white clouds. It is a truly amazing sight to behold. The farther North and West we travel the closer we get to the storm that passed earlier and the lightning is putting on quite a display.

I Thank God that I have this privilege to be able to spend this time with my husband and daughter, while my heart aches with missing Colin, I know that he is doing well and has had a great first couple of days at his new school. He is making friends and doing well with his studies and I am comforted knowing he is happy and well cared for.

Kaitlynn is enjoying this time with daddy and mommy, her speech is improving daily and she is seldom quiet. She has made many friend along the way and has yet to meet a stranger.

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  1. Glad to know the kids are adjusting and are happy:)