12 August 2009

A delivery in Texas

While loading in Terrell, TX, Kaitlynn decided she wanted to be a truck driver.

This is Kaitlynn "tending" (pretending) to drive the truck! The concentration is so intense!

We arrived at our receiver early in the morning, this delivery was unusual as we were at a private residence. The family is building a Gym for gymnastic instructions and general use for aerobics and such.

While there we were treated to Texas hospitality, it was 109 degrees out and they kept us supplied with plenty of cold water and a shady place to wait while they unloaded the truck.

Kaitlynn even managed to find a couple of friends to jump on the trampoline with.
I mentioned a headache rack and was asked, "What in the world is a headache rack?"
So I will try to explain.
It is an aluminium structure fitted to the back of the cab of the truck, used to hold chains and binders for flatbed load securment. It is also a safety feature to prevent freight from penetrating the cab in the event of an accident. (The bunk is against the back wall of the cab)
This is a not so good photo of a headache rack.

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  1. Looks like she's having a great time!

    Hahahaha...word verification is 'racko':)