30 January 2009

Feeling Blah........

I guess it has been a while since I have posted. No excuse, just life getting in the way.
I have been feeling Blah for a couple of weeks now and can't seem to shake the feeling. I want to get my house cleaned up and to get my fiances organized, it just seems like every time I think about it I want to take a nap.

It snowed this last week and even that did little to cheer me up, and I Love the snow. Even as I write this my heart is not really in it. I have been up for several hours and I have not done much of anything. Getting ready to pick JC. up from school seems like a huge chore and I have an Autism Lecture to attend tonight for my EMS Class.

Well tomorrow is Saturday and the Hubby wants me to take the kids sledding if it's not too cold. I want to take them, but my heart is just not in it.

Please lift me up in your Prayers to help me out of this funk.

13 January 2009

Just Venting

Mean people suck................

Why can't people just be happy for you when something important happens?????

I have been taking EMT Classes and working my a-- off to keep up my grades and keep my house decent, my kids fed and make sure their homework is done and they get plenty of attention and Mommy time. In between I am looking for a job and I will have to take on that responsibility also.

So.............Why?, when I finally break down and spend the money to get my shoes and pants to do my clinicales, does my mother get all snotty and say "Well it must be nice to have money to buy new clothes."

My kids have always come first, and I feel like I am taking away from them to even spend money on this class, not to mention the additional expense of the required uniforms.

Hubby tells me that it's an investment and in the long run things will be better all around because I will have a better paying job with more opportunities.

I guess I just want a mother who is proud of me for who I am and what I have achieved. I don't think I am not alone in this desire.

I just pray that she will some day be proud of me.

04 January 2009


I can't believe it's finally here...The kids go back to school.

JC. has been bumming around the house, if he is not fighting with his sister, he's whining, "I'm bored". Yet he has been quite resourceful at building some incredible Lego Monsters.
(Which he uses to chase his sister around the house).

Hubby is back on the road somewhere in Texas tonight, we all miss him. Kc. most of all, daily she asks, no demands, "Daddy come home NOW?!".

I think I am just missing him right now, because, I have committed to this David Ramsey FPU. Class and to a WW based Losers Club and I think I am slight panic mode.
Tuesday is D-Day for Weight Watchers. I will officially start the program and commit myself to it fully.

January 14th is the beginning of the FPU study and I think it's a bit like a shot, the anticipation is much worse than the actual injection. I'm up for the challenge, I just hate to wait.

January 13th is my return to EMT class. I am so looking forward to that. I feel like I have been away forever and I want to go over past lessons to be sure I still remember everything. Again its that waiting thing.

Enjoy your evening, my kiddos are asleep and I have a few moments of quiet before bed and the start of a new week, new year and a whole New Me.

01 January 2009

Welcome 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Today has been a bit melodically, due to everyone being tired from last nights activities.

We spent a wonderful evening with friends from Church.


We had a kid friendly New Year's Eve Party, with games, food and fun for all. It was nice to get a chance to better know some of our friends that we usually only get a minute or so to say Hi, in passing, and for the kids to be able to play together was even better. Special Thanks goes out to Zack and Sarah for entertaining our children so the adults could have a few competitive games of Euker

Hubby is in Texas today and will be home or at least stopping through when he can. He is hoping to be home the weekend of January 19 for the special Sunday Service.

Please Pray this is possible.

So far today I feel I have so-so on my Weight Watchers. I will be posting progress as I go along to help with that accountability issue.

Not much else going on tonight. Good night and God Bless.