01 August 2011

I'm Back

I know that it has been over a year since my last post and I don't even know if anyone even checks this anymore.  In the event someone does come back let me get you caught up.
Kaitlynn returned to Indiana to go to Kindergarten.  She had an awesome year and has grown so much.  It's hard to believe she is the same child just 4 short years ago we thought would never talk because now she never shuts up.
Herb and I had a wonderful time on the road together, it is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to work with your best friend and spend 24/7 with them.  thought there were times that we didn't really see each other that much.  I know sounds strange, but we worked opposite shifts so a lot of our time together was with one of us sleeping while the other drove.
I liked to drive the night shift, as there was less traffic and I was able to listen to Audio Books on my MP3 player.  Borrowed from the library of course, so they were free.  Free is always good.
Herb drove mostly days and when we had a delivery in the mornings I would stay up to help.
In April I started taking on-line classes preparing me for my Nursing Degree.
It is through Colorado Tech University On-line.  I am really enjoying the classes although this sessions "Math for Professionals"  class is kicking my butt.
The sessions run 5 weeks the we take a 5 day break and on to the next class for the next 5 weeks.  I am beginning week 5 of session 3 now.
Also in April I came back to Indiana and gave up the over-the-road, it was a tough decision but, Kaitlynn needs me home and I want to see more of Colin.  He is still with his dad and doing excellent.  He is in a Aquinas school and now is a Straight A honor roll student.  I could not be more proud.
I am driving local and home every night with Kaitlynn.
Ironically, I came off the road and Kaitlynn went on the road for summer break.  She was able to spend a couple of weeks with daddy, she was in heaven and did not want to go back to "mommy's house" to get ready for school, but she is excited about going into the first grade.
Well time is getting late and I am hoping to post more often now that I have more time. LOL