10 August 2009

On The Road At Last!!!

On the road at last!!

This is our Trucking family photo.

Rita, Kaitlynn, Harb and Our new Peterbilt.

We think it's pretty cool.

This is looking into the drivers area from the bunk area.

This is the bunk area from the drivers seat. Kaitlynn' got the top bunk, all to herself. All her clothes and toys are within easy reach.
After sitting for 2 days waiting on a dispatch we are on our way to Joplin MO. to pick up a load of shingles and taking them to Austin TX. This is about 850 paid miles, not bad for a first trip.

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  1. Nice ride!! So when did Herb start spelling his name Harb?!?! hehehe...the spelling police are on the loose... :)