31 August 2009

A Good Weekend

After hitting the beach we were dispatched to the Chicago area, for a Monday delivery so we decided to take advantage of the routing and pay a visit to our sons.

First stop was to visit Cody in Michigan on Saturday. We picked him up and had lunch then went to the local park to hang out and enjoy the mild weather, a welcome change after all the hot humid days in the Southeastern part of the US. Afterwards we headed on over to Lake Station/Merrillville IN.
Sunday after church we met up with Colin and spent the afternoon with him. We had lunch and then went to cruise the mall, after which we settled in to the truck to watch a movie together. It was nice to be together as a family if only for a short while. We didn't tell Colin that we were going to visit so he was totally surprised when they drove up to the truck. The expression on his face was PRICELESS.

As expected leaving was difficult but we both are better, him knowing that I will visit, and me knowing that he is OK and well cared for.

29 August 2009

A Delivery in Savanah GA.

Tuesday August 25th dawned bright, and we were up early to get this delivery made. So Kaitlynn choose a banana for a pre-breakfast snack and some energy so she could help with the delivery.

We were delivering aluminum coils and the tarps had to be folded and the straps needed to be rolled up and put away.
I rolled the straps

while Kaitlynn straightened the tarps so they could be folded.

It was a big job for one so small but she insisted on helping. (daddy is on the other end of the tarp).
We finished quickly and were off to find the Beach.

A Day at the Beach.

August 25th 2009

After finishing our delivery we headed out to find the beach. The nearest beach to Savannah GA. was Tybee Island, about a 30 min. drive.

Kaitlynn was so excited to see the Ocean. She loves the water and has very little fear.

The Ocean it' so big. Squeal!!!!!!

There were Pelicans and sea shells, but mostly.....

a lot of waves.......

At first she had to hang on to Mom and Dad for support.

Then in a short time she decided she liked the water.

There was the occasional time out for the obligatory shell search.

Then back to the waves.

In the end it was hard to say good-bye to the ocean.
Kaitlynn did ask why the ocean was so wavy, I just told her it was being friendly and as we were leaving she looked back and waved to the water and said good-bye waves.
This was her first trip to the Ocean. Now that we have seen the Atlantic we are on a quest to get to the Pacific and The Gulf of Mexico before our adventure ends.

25 August 2009

Just Truckin' Along

This has been a busy week. After leaving Rochester NY, we headed for Muscle Shoals Alabama.

Kaitlynn is learning all about trucking and is always more than willing to help out. Her designated job on the truck is trash. Whenever we stop she has to take the trash out, but she likes to help in other ways too.

When given the chance she "Helps" fuel the truck.

This involves her donning her gloves and "holding" the nozzle in the tank. (It's really held in place by a bungee cord.)

Occasionally we happen upon a bit of excitement while on the road. While driving South on I 71 we came upon what is commonly referred to as a "Car B Q". We stopped to render assistance but the car was beyond what a small extinguisher could handle. So we awaited the arrival of local firefighters and County and State Police to deal with traffic. No one was hurt but the car was a complete loss.

Meanwhile we continued on toward Alabama passing through downtown Cincinnati, OH.

Kaitlynn is adjusting well to life on the road, although at times she seems a bit older that her age. For instance: Laying on the bed, talking on the phone to Grandma and watching Wall-E on the computer.
Life is Good.......

We arrived in Huntsville Alabama early in the day on Sunday and because we couldn't deliver until Monday we decided to kill a few hours checking out the Space Museum.

In addition to all the rockets and space displays they have there Kaitlynn was thrilled to find a Huey Helicopter

and a mock moon to play on with a model of the Lunar lander. She thought being able to walk on the moon was pretty awesome.

These are just a few of the Rockets on display on the grounds outside of the Museum.

This Center is also home of Space Camp where kids from age 7 to Adult can come for a real live space training. They have age appropriate simulated training and missions just like real astronauts. There is even an underwater training area to simulate weightlessness like in space, and a Space Shuttle simulator to fly their missions in.

While there we discovered Kaitlynn likes rides that bounce. I lost track of how many times she rode this one. (Similar to the Frogger Ride at Indiana Beach) She was the only one on it most of the time and made friends with the operator. Notice she is not wearing shoes. The ride operator E. took them off and was tickling her feet when she came near enough. Needless to say Kaitlynn had a blast.

We spent the better part of the day here at the Space Center. I would highly recommend it if you are in the area.
Mommy and Kaitlynn taking time out to be goofy.

This is the Shuttle Pathfinder taken as we leave the Space Center behind.
We continued on our way to Muscle Shoals, AL where we spent the night in a Wal-mart parking lot. We were able to find a darker corner, shut the truck down and open the windows to allow a breeze to flow through. It was nice to sleep in relative quiet.
Before bedding down for the night Kaitlynn and I made the trek into Wal-mart for a bathroom break, on the way back to the truck she discovered "Her Echo". There were several buildings in this same parking area and they created the perfect echo chamber. Needless to say she had to test it all the way back to the truck. People probable thought we were crazy a small child yelling "Hello" every few feet and listening for the hello in return. She was thrilled with this new doubling of her voice.
The next morning we found our receiver got unloaded and was dispatched on another load. Picking up spools of aluminium in Russellville, KY going to Savannah GA. We spent the better part of the day in line waiting to get loaded and then had to tarp the load. I didn't realize how much work was involved in tarping. My arms are sore today, I could feel it in my shoulders as we untarped and folded the tarps.
Kaitlynn was a trooper while we were loading, she was not allowed out of the truck at the shipper, so she stayed in the bunk and watched movies while we loaded. Today while unloading she was able to get out of the truck and did her best to assist in the untarping and putting things away. She gathered all the bungee cords and put them in a pile and carried the straps over to the side box so I could put them away. She was very proud of the fact that she got her hands dirty and was able to help. She is greatly enjoying our adventure.
Today with luck we are going to go to the beach near Savannah and put her feet in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. I will post pictures.

20 August 2009

Busy but uneventful days.

The last three days have been busy, but for the most part uneventful.
On Tuesday we were in Pittsburgh, PA, to unload the second portion of our load and then on Wednesday we went to Philadelphia PA and Jackson NJ for the third and forth parts. We ended this load in Caldwell NJ dropping the last and the largest of the air conditioner units we were hauling. They were industrial AC units and had to be unloaded with a crane.

We then picked up a load of PVC pipe in Muncy, PA and drove all night to Solon, OH to deliver it at 6 am this morning.
After sleeping a better part of the morning we were off to Wooster, OH.

There they loaded us up with a load of field stone used for patios, walkways and such. While we were securing the load it began to rain, not a sprinkle or a drizzle, I mean Rain. The big hurt when they hit you soaked to the skin in seconds rain. We took refuge under the trailer and waited for it to pass. In less than 15 min it had nearly stopped. We finished strapping the load and after changing clothes started making our way on up to Rochester, NY where we will deliver at 8 in the morning.

As I have been writing I glace at the sky and there is light pink scattered among the blue and white clouds. It is a truly amazing sight to behold. The farther North and West we travel the closer we get to the storm that passed earlier and the lightning is putting on quite a display.

I Thank God that I have this privilege to be able to spend this time with my husband and daughter, while my heart aches with missing Colin, I know that he is doing well and has had a great first couple of days at his new school. He is making friends and doing well with his studies and I am comforted knowing he is happy and well cared for.

Kaitlynn is enjoying this time with daddy and mommy, her speech is improving daily and she is seldom quiet. She has made many friend along the way and has yet to meet a stranger.

18 August 2009


We decided that we would like to keep track of where we are going, well more accurately Where we have been so I have created a map of Kaitlynn's Adventures.


Please check it out and you can see how many miles we have gone.

17 August 2009

Weekend Fun

Our adventure began at Ruby Falls near Lookout Mountain TN.

Kaitlynn looks a bit lost at first.

This is the Mirror Pool down in the cavern.
Ruby Falls light show.
Mom, Do I really need to stand here?
Rock Garden at Rock city.

A view from the top of Lookout Mountain.

Checking out the Seven States
A family photo.

Fairy wings at Last.

The End of a Long Fun Day!!!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time out of the truck and Kaitlynn loved exploring Rock City and Lookout Mountain.
For more photos check out my album on Face book.

15 August 2009

Just a note

Just a quick up date. We don't deliver until Monday so no use sitting around wasting time.

We decided to drop the trailer in Atlanta and go on over to Look out Mountain TN. Today we went to Ruby Falls and walked around downtown Chattanooga. Tomorrow we will go to Rock City and Look Out Mountain where you can see seven states from the top.

I will post pictures later.

14 August 2009


Yesterday and Today have been a couple of difficult days. I think the realization and the magnitude of what we are doing is starting to set in.
We are for all purposes homeless. That's not to say we are sleeping on the streets or anything, but we live in our truck. We don't have a place to call home. (A House) I never realized what a comfort it was to have a home. A place that remains the same day after day. An anchor.

I lost wifi service for several hours and was unable to communicate with friends and it was a shocker, not knowing what was happening somewhere other than my little world. It makes me feel more grounded to know what others are up to.

Enough whining, nothing too much happening on the road just traveling. Going from Texas to Georgia, then Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. We will deliver in Atlanta on Monday so we are weighing our options for the weekend.

12 August 2009


A delivery in Texas

While loading in Terrell, TX, Kaitlynn decided she wanted to be a truck driver.

This is Kaitlynn "tending" (pretending) to drive the truck! The concentration is so intense!

We arrived at our receiver early in the morning, this delivery was unusual as we were at a private residence. The family is building a Gym for gymnastic instructions and general use for aerobics and such.

While there we were treated to Texas hospitality, it was 109 degrees out and they kept us supplied with plenty of cold water and a shady place to wait while they unloaded the truck.

Kaitlynn even managed to find a couple of friends to jump on the trampoline with.
I mentioned a headache rack and was asked, "What in the world is a headache rack?"
So I will try to explain.
It is an aluminium structure fitted to the back of the cab of the truck, used to hold chains and binders for flatbed load securment. It is also a safety feature to prevent freight from penetrating the cab in the event of an accident. (The bunk is against the back wall of the cab)
This is a not so good photo of a headache rack.


Today has been a tour of Texas. We delivered in Austin this morning, then went to Dallas to pick up a load going to San Antonio.

I helped to roll straps and get everything put away after our delivery today and in Dallas I strapped down the load of steel we are hauling, while Herb dropped the trailer we had. I guess that makes me a flatbed rookie.

I have had to fight Kaitlynn for the computer most of the day as she has a bit of a summer cold and just wanted to watch movies all day.

Texas may be a big state but, they don't mess around with the law. In the last hour we have passed at least 15 State Troopers most of which had someone pulled over.

11 August 2009

Out of Missouri into Oklahoma and onward towards Texas.

The day started out rainy and drab, after going thur a thunderstorm or two we finally have clear skys. The sunset over Eufaula Lake in Oklahoma was spectacular.

Kaitlynn is so wore out from waiting to get truckin' she slept for several hours today, and even went to bed without a fuss tonight.

We stop and take showers in the truck stops. They have private shower rooms and Herb gets his own shower while Kaitlynn and I share. Kaitlynn is not a great fan of taking a shower but we are getting there. Whenever possible we will find a place for her to take a bath or play in a pool.

We will continue to drive tonight until Herb runs out of hours about 1am then he will be required to take a 10 hour break and we will continue on to the receiver where we will be unloaded and wait for another dispatch.

As I type this we are entering Texas.

10 August 2009

On The Road At Last!!!

On the road at last!!

This is our Trucking family photo.

Rita, Kaitlynn, Harb and Our new Peterbilt.

We think it's pretty cool.

This is looking into the drivers area from the bunk area.

This is the bunk area from the drivers seat. Kaitlynn' got the top bunk, all to herself. All her clothes and toys are within easy reach.
After sitting for 2 days waiting on a dispatch we are on our way to Joplin MO. to pick up a load of shingles and taking them to Austin TX. This is about 850 paid miles, not bad for a first trip.

07 August 2009


Today has been a day of waiting and paperwork.

We have signed the lease of our new truck.

We are now the proud owners of a 2010 Peterbuilt 387. It is Smokey blue in color and looks like a Space Shuttle.

In order to get everything done we had to wait on the lease, wait for dispatch to sign and approve additions to the truck. (refrigerator, chain rack, tool boxes, etc.) Waiting to get into the shop to have these things installed. Waiting to get my family/guest pass, I think you get the idea.

We were able to take a little time and run down to Branson, MO. It was late so most of the shops were closed but we had fun window shopping.

Tomorrow is move in day!

It's going to be a long day but a much anticipated one. Hoping to be on the road mid Saturday.

04 August 2009

Journey to Springfield

Monday morning started out at 7am with the drive to St. Louis MO.

We arrived at the St. Louis Zoo around Noon local time and spent the next several hours enjoying All the animal exhibits around the Zoo. We walked miles.

About 5pm we made our way over to the Gateway Arch, and spent the next hour or so touring the Arch Museum while waiting for the tram to the top. Kaitlynn, Grandpa and I went to the top, Colin is not a fan of high places and choose to stay with Grandma. The view from the top is incredible. When we got back down we spent some time out on the grounds of the Arch. This is where it hit me that I was going to be leaving Colin. I have no idea how long it will be in between visits but, I will do my best to make sure that it is not extensive.

Our goodbyes at the car were very hard and a lot of tears were shed.

I then continued on to Springfield, arriving approx. 11:15pm. After getting settled and having a bit of down time I finally got to sleep around 2am.

It was a very Exhausting day, but in a good way.

Today I was awakened by a little girl fanatically stating that she was hungry. So my day began at 7:30am. We spent the day attending orientation for new lease drivers and picking out our truck. Over the next couple of days we will continue with refresher classes and waiting for our truck to be fitted with the equipment needed for flatbed operations.

We should have our first dispatch on Friday or Saturday at the latest.

02 August 2009

This is it. My journey has began. I turned my keys in on our house on Saturday, said my good- byes at church and in 7 and 1\2 hours we will be leaving for Springfield MO.

Colin is going as far as St. Louis with me while Kaitlynn will ride with Grandpa and Grandma. In St. Louis we will enjoy a day at the Zoo and explore the Arch, after which Colin will return to Indiana with Grandpa and Grandma, Kaitlynn will continue to Springfield with me to meet up with Herb where we will pick up our truck and begin our like on the road.

I have had several people ask questions on how things are done on the road, like where do you sleep?, How do you bathe?, What/where do you eat?

I love these questions and will do my best to answer any you may have as we trek across this wonderful United States.

I will start by telling you that we sleep in the truck. Herb and I sleep on the bottom bunk and Kaitlynn gets the top. The bunks are about the size of a twin bed and it can get quite......shall we say cozy.