11 August 2009

Out of Missouri into Oklahoma and onward towards Texas.

The day started out rainy and drab, after going thur a thunderstorm or two we finally have clear skys. The sunset over Eufaula Lake in Oklahoma was spectacular.

Kaitlynn is so wore out from waiting to get truckin' she slept for several hours today, and even went to bed without a fuss tonight.

We stop and take showers in the truck stops. They have private shower rooms and Herb gets his own shower while Kaitlynn and I share. Kaitlynn is not a great fan of taking a shower but we are getting there. Whenever possible we will find a place for her to take a bath or play in a pool.

We will continue to drive tonight until Herb runs out of hours about 1am then he will be required to take a 10 hour break and we will continue on to the receiver where we will be unloaded and wait for another dispatch.

As I type this we are entering Texas.

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  1. Stay cool! I hear the weather's pretty steamy down there. Love the pics of the truck! Keep posting the pics of anything interesting, okay?