22 September 2009

Well.......It has been a couple of days since my last post. Since leaving Washington, we delivered to Malvern AR, and immediately picked up a load in Little Rock to take to the Springfield terminal to be delivered by another driver on Monday.

We arrived in Springfield late, late Friday night. Saturday morning we switched out our tarps for yard tarps on the load we brought in and was preparing to transfer the tarps and some other equipment to the trailer we were taking when pulling between that trailer and another, we caught the crank handle on the front wheel splash guard of the truck and pulled it loose. Herb was driving, he pulled the breaks and jumped out yelling about "sunny beaches " and "stupid ducks". Kaitlynn came out of the bunk to see what was going on. I told her daddy hit "Pete" (that's what she calls our truck) on the trailer and he was upset and she needed to go back and sit on the bunk for now.

She went to the bunk and started Sobbing. Thinking she thought Herb was mad at her I called her up and put her on my lap and asked why she was crying. She said, "Because Pete got hurt!" By this time Herb was back in the truck and finished parking. We got out to show her that the damage was minimal and you really can't tell unless you know that, that particular section shouldn't move around like it does. Nothing a bit of adhesive won't fix.

After Kaitlynn saw that Pete was going to be OK she turned to the trailer and pointing her finger shouted, "Bad trailer, bad trailer, you hurt my Pete!!" How so you respond to that??? We just tried to not let her see us laughing.

After the drama of the day was over, we got the rest of the equipment transferred, went in and took showers after which we did laundry. I know real exciting, but it was good to have a day to just relax and get things done at our own pace.

I managed to get the truck cleaned up and packed Kaitlynn's things. Her toys and books went into her toy basket and clothes into another basket.

On Sunday we were dispatched to Russellville, KY to pick up a load going to Conroe TX. So we figured by going a little out of route and having Grandma and Grandpa meet us in Effingham, IL we were able to let Kaitlynn go for a visit.

She talked Grandma and Grandpa's ears off on the way back to Lafayette. Telling Grandpa how to drive and asking if he ran a red light when he turned right on red. Basically making a back seat driver out of herself. Monday afternoon she called and told me that she wanted us to pick her up "Right now." We explained we were on our way to Texas and would pick her up as soon as we could. She said "OK" then went on to tell us what she had planned for the day. I guess on the list of things to do was to take K.C. (my cat) to the vet for a check up, well I guess Kaitlynn left the vet speechless when he asked if she liked to dress the cat up in doll clothes and she told him that, "K.C. doesn't need clothes he has fur for his clothes." Then she gave him that "Duh" look.

The last couple of days in the truck have been rather quiet, we have actually been able to carry on a conversation without having to answer a million and ten questions. On the other hand we miss her tons.


  1. (wiping tears of laughter from eyes) Kids. What would we do without them?

  2. Excellent stories. Enjoy riding along with the Wells posse. xo TKM