18 September 2009

Leaving Washington

We have left Washington behind, but, as we were heading out we managed to get some beautiful pictures of Mount Rainier.

We have been dispatched to take a load of galvanized steel cable from Kent WA to Malvern AR. On the way out of Oregon we passed by Multnomah Falls. It is a double water fall over 540 feet tall. Our plan was to stop and take a couple of pictures. Once we got there we noticed it was just a short hike to the bridge. (.2mls.) So we hiked up to the bridge for some more pictures.

Once there we discovered there was a trail going up to the top of the falls. It was only about a mile, so what the heck, we started up the mountain. Kaitlynn has been asking to climb a mountain since she saw her first one on this trip. Well, she climbed a mountain. All the way to the top. 1.25 miles nearly straight up. The trail was only 30 inches wide in some spots with a wall on one side and a drop off on the other. It was an incredible, exhausting climb. But we made it, and the reward was this little waster fall at the top of the double water fall.

We took a few photos and headed back down.

Kaitlynn wanted to race back down to the bottom. We told her she could win we would just throw her over the edge. She didn't think that was such a good idea.

She found this large tree to take a break by.

She is growing so much each day, lately she has been wanting me to put her hair up in a bun like mommy's. So I found one of my clips and put it up for her.
Daddy said, it made her look too old and she should stick to pony tails. We'll see how that works for now. ;)

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