14 September 2009

Good Days/Bad Days

Today was a beautiful day.
the mountains in Washington are Awesome.

We stopped about 30 miles from the receiver and we were able to sleep with the truck off and the windows open, the scent of the pines enveloped the night and the quiet chatter of the forest was mesmerizing.

We arrived at the receiver on time but had to wait a while to get unloaded. There was a small river near by so Kaitlynn and I took a walk down by the river. We made "boats" out of Aspen leaves and sent them down stream on their own adventure.

We were unloading at a lumber mill where they process the logs for lumber. The machines where huge, yet the way they handled the logs seemed very gentle.

We spent the better part of the day here, just watching everything going on around us, while waiting to get unloaded.
When at last they had finished we were dispatched to Kent, WA to get some Galvanized steel cable (11 spools) going to Malvern Arkansas. These had to be chained down and tarped. Herb and I are both tired from that alone. Five rows of 2 spools with in row of 1 spool. Each spool weighing about 4200 lbs. 8 chains, 8 binders, 2 tarps and about 50 bungee cords. Makes for a bit of work, although I am getting better at using the binders and it doesn't take as long as it did at first. Kaitlynn is a big help handing out bungee cords.
The bad part of the day, Well......I guess you could say I am homesick. We have a family reunion this coming weekend and I don't know if we are going to be able to make it home, I haven't seen Colin for a couple of weeks and I chatted with one of my girlfriends from church last night and I just started missing home. I also talked to another friend today and heard that the house that we had been living in for the past 6 years has been rented and has a new family living in it. I guess that makes the not having a home even more real.
I want to be home in October for a Musical Class Reunion at my High School, I just need to find a place to stay for a few days while I am there. Any volunteers. LOL
Over all we are adjusting to life on the road and Kaitlynn although she has about a million questions a day, is having the time of here life. She asked me today, "What do you have for me to see next?" This was after seeing the morning mist covering the tops of the near-by mountains. Every day she is excited to see what is new for her to see.

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  1. LOL...'What do you have for me to see next?'...Every day is a new adventure for her!