09 September 2009

That's Truckin'

After our weekend of fun we got involved in a typical trucking snafu. We picked up a load in Fordyce AR, then headed back to Springfield to shower and rest. We left out late Monday so we could get to St. Joseph MO an time to unload early on Tuesday. This is where the snafu comes in. We arrived the required hour early to get un-tarped, and discovered due to a numbers error, we were on time, we had just arrived on the wrong day. It was scheduled to deliver on Wednesday.

So we sat in the Love's Truck Stop for 24 hours. We used our time wisely, I cleaned the truck, making the beds, putting things away, that sort of thing. Then we all laid down for a 3 hour nap. After we woke up, we walked about a half mile to Waffle House and ate dinner, then another quarter of a mile to Menard's to get a new American flag for the truck and then back to the truck stop.

After our showers, Herb took Kaitlynn to the truck to put her to bed and worked on getting the power inverter up and working, while I went into the Arby's at Love's and had a couple of quiet computer hours. This is where snafu #2 hits. The power inverter is not working. Either it was bad to start with, or their was a problem hooking it up, either way we still don't have power for the TV, and Microwave.

Not that we have a microwave right now, the one we had was too big for the truck. We need a microwave about 15 inches wide. If anyone knows were I can find a little one like that Please let me know.

And this just in: While I was posting we received a dispatch picking up here in St. Joe going to Darrington WA.!!!! Kaitlynn is going to get to see the mountains for the first time and with a little luck she may get to see the Pacific Ocean.

We will also be stopping in Cheyenne Wyoming to see some friends who will be meeting Kaitlynn for the first time, they are very excited.

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  1. You're going in the wrong direction for the free microwave, ha ha...I don't know if we have the small one or if we sent it back to Mom and Dad. But they're only $30-40 at Walmart...maybe even cheaper at Lowes.