26 September 2009

Saturday Night

It's Saturday night and we are driving through Colorado on our way to Eureka CA. The route we are on is taking us through a lot of little towns.

We just drove through Springfield Colorado and it seems like the quaint kind of town you would want to live in. No traffic (yea OK it is 10:30pm but,) a small group of older teens (17-19ish) throwing a ball around in a corner store parking lot, a kid skateboarding down main street, no body looking for trouble just hanging out.

Today has been a bit of a lazy day, we watched the premier of NCIS and NCIS LA on Hulu. com last night so we slept in a bit this morning. After breakfast we stopped at Walmart in Decatur TX and picked up a few groceries. I got a small beef roast, a few potatoes, and a carrot or two and put them in the crock pot.

When we returned to the truck after our showers in Amarillo TX the truck smelled Amazing. About 12 miles outside of Dumas TX we stopped to have a picnic dinner. The bugs had other plans. Yes, even the bugs seem bigger in Texas. So we ate our first home cooked meal in our truck. It was really good. I was a bit surprised.

So for those of you who want to try this: 1 small roast, 8 small red potatoes, 1 med. onion and 6-8 baby carrots. Put everything in the crock pot add seasonings to taste and about a cup of water. Cook on High about 6 hours or 300 miles. Find a bug free picnic spot and enjoy.

We are planning on cooking many more meals in the truck, I have a crock pot cook book that has everything from omelets to entrees to desserts in it and I am looking forward to trying many of these recipes. I have been doing some reading and finding that you can use your crock pot much like an oven. It only gets about 300 degrees so you have to adjust accordingly but we have nothing but time while we are driving.

Tomorrow will be another easy day, we are getting to our destination a bit later than planned but we still have plenty of time. We are hoping to have lunch with a friend in Denver and possibly connecting with my "sister" in Longmont CO. So it should be a good day.


  1. Most of us save, plan and FRET about the vacations that you all are having on a regular basis! It's amazing. And sooooo well written--easy to follow along and enjoy every nuance of travel. Thinking of you. LOVE, BSister