06 September 2009

Holiday Weekend

This last week has been a mix of busy and lazy.

After my last post we got all the work done on the truck and we were dispatched on a quick turn load going from Monet, MO to Kalamazoo, MI we then re-loaded in Chicago, IL back to Springfield, IL.

We were able to make it back in time for the Labor Day Company Picnic but, unfortunately we didn't make it in time for the Truck Rodeo. We had fun at the picnic, there was plenty of inflatables for Kaitlynn to bounce on and a Coconut Tree Climb. (Like a rock wall, but, it's a coconut tree.) Kaitlynn was a bit apprehensive at first but, kept on trying and went a little higher with each try. She also got real good at the repelling down part. I think if her arms would have held out for another couple of climbs then she would have been able to ring the bell, but, her little arms and legs were so tired she just couldn't do it. As usual Kaitlynn made friend with everyone she met. Including the company owner.

After the picnic we made our delivery, Kaitlynn was right there helping with tarps and picking up bungee cords, doing whatever she could to help, as tired as she was.
We returned to the terminal to relax a bit and shower, it wasn't long after her shower that Kaitlynn insisted on returning to the truck to go to bed. It took about three seconds for her to go to sleep after her head hit the pillow. She slept at least 10 hours and took an afternoon nap. I think she was a bit wore out.

Today was a lazy day, Kaitlynn and Herb slept late. I was up early and couldn't go back to sleep so I went into the terminal lobby/cafe' area for a touch of quiet computer time. After they got up we did laundry and headed out to pick up the load we are on our way to now.

We are headed to Fordyce, AR going to St. Joseph, MO. it isn't a long run but we are moving and that is a good thing especially on a holiday weekend. There were a lot of drivers (mostly in the refrigeration division) who came in for the festivities and won't get a load until Tuesday.

It was nice to get some down time but we are glad to be moving again.

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  1. Glad she had a great time at the picnic:) Did you get pics of her 'repelling' skills? Sounds like she and W would have a great time together on the playground:)