13 January 2009

Just Venting

Mean people suck................

Why can't people just be happy for you when something important happens?????

I have been taking EMT Classes and working my a-- off to keep up my grades and keep my house decent, my kids fed and make sure their homework is done and they get plenty of attention and Mommy time. In between I am looking for a job and I will have to take on that responsibility also.

So.............Why?, when I finally break down and spend the money to get my shoes and pants to do my clinicales, does my mother get all snotty and say "Well it must be nice to have money to buy new clothes."

My kids have always come first, and I feel like I am taking away from them to even spend money on this class, not to mention the additional expense of the required uniforms.

Hubby tells me that it's an investment and in the long run things will be better all around because I will have a better paying job with more opportunities.

I guess I just want a mother who is proud of me for who I am and what I have achieved. I don't think I am not alone in this desire.

I just pray that she will some day be proud of me.

1 comment:

  1. If it matters any---I am proud of you! I think you do an amazing job! I remember what it was like going back to college AND working, I only had 1 teenage son at home and THAT was hard enough. Some moms are just bitchy--mine was..be like a duck and water--let it run off your back--you don't need that stress right now.

    Love ya girl!!