16 October 2009

I'm Back!!

You may have noticed I have been away for a while.

Just before I came back to Indiana for a visit I started having problems with my computer and my first day home it crashed............

I took it in and was told that my hard drive was toasted. Good news: they can fix it and it was under warranty so it wasn't going to cost a thing. Bad news: I hadn't gotten my pictures backed up yet and it was going to cost $100. to save my pics. What could I do? I paid the money and now my pictures are on disc and I have my computer back. The reason for the crash: unknown.

I have had a pleasant visit while I have been home.
I left Springfield MO, early on the morning of 9 Oct. and drove to Indiana in the pouring rain. I made good time and had a bit to spare so when I got here I stopped to get my hair cut. Not too much just 3-4 inches in the back and layered on the sides with long bangs in front. I like it, It will take a bit of getting used to.
Then I met up with my friend C. who had picked up Colin and brought him home for a visit. I got to spend some time with him before I was off to my friend M.'s house to spend the night. Colin and Kaitlynn got to spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa.

Friday night: I stayed with my friend M. and had a nice visit while she rooted for the Boston Red Socks in the play-offs. This was a side I hadn't seen of here before and it was quite interesting.

Saturday I spent the day at my old High School rehearsing for our High School Musical Reunion Program. It was great to see so many of the people I had spent so much time with during my High School years. To catch up and then to be able to perform that evening was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was also surreal being back on stage again. It was also a trip for Colin and Kaitlynn to see Mommy on stage they didn't even know I could sing. I spent the night with my BFF from High School and had some time to catch up with her also.
Sunday I went to church. It felt wonderful to be back in the arms of my church family. Sunday night I stayed at my parents house.

Monday: was to be a busy day when I found out it was Columbus Day and I was unable to do several of the things I had planned. I got what I could done and went to K and J's house for the night. I enjoyed the controlled chaos of their six children.

Tuesday: Kaitlynn and I drove to Merrillville IN. to see Colin sing in his 4Th grade presentation.
He had a speaking part to introduce one of the songs and only stumbled for a second when he saw me and then picked right up where he had left off. He just kept looking over in my direction and winking. I also ran in to my X-in-laws. We had a nice chat and even went to McDonald's for breakfast after the concert. I hope to be able to continue to keep in touch with them. Upon returning to Lafayette, I went to visit J. then returned to have dinner and spent the evening with K&J again.

Wednesday: After a slow morning, I stopped by my mom and dad's house. While watching the news I found out that the Health Dept. was giving out reduced price Flu Shots. I decided with Kaitlynn going back on the truck that she should have one. So, we go to the Health Dept. I told her we were there to get her flu shot and she told me she didn't want one and proceeded telling anyone who would listen that SHE was not getting a shot. When we got to the room, I pulled her onto my lap, held her wrist, the nurse wiped her arm with alcohol and gave her the shot. It was all over in less that a minute.....Except for the crying.........Kaitlynn sobbed for several minutes in the office, all the way to the car, and almost half way back to Grandma's before a phone call from Daddy finally calmed her down. Kaitlynn went with Grandma and Grandpa to Rockville IN to the Flea Market while I went to help K & H decorate the church for the Woman's Heart 2 Heart meeting. I enjoyed being busy for the afternoon. I spent the night at J's house.

Thursday: A lazy day, up late then to my mom and dad's house for a nap then back to J's house where she was sweet enough to allow me to do laundry. We had chili for dinner and just relaxed before bed.

Friday: (Today) A bit slow getting started but we did it. I got my computer back last night and met with C. today to figure out how to reinstall my spy ware and such. Then to mom and dad's where I told them that Herb had called and will be in town late Saturday or early Sunday. Most likely in time for church but definitely in time for Family Group. Then Kaitlynn and I will be leaving with him to deliver a load in Michigan on Monday. Needless to say mom is not happy about Kaitlynn going back on the road. On the other hand Kaitlynn is excited about going back on the road with Mommy and Daddy.

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  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic week! Did you get to see the Bransons? Hug David H for me? Anyone else there I would have known?