01 March 2009

Weekend update

The days seem to fly by. I never realize it would be so hard to keep up on a blog. Then again I was never much good at keeping a diary.

I had a very eventful weekend.
The ladies from our family group had our annual Brunch, where we get together to just be.
We are all mothers, daughters and/or wives, and there are times we forget to just be women and friends. This is our time. We support one another, we laugh together, we cry together, we rejoice in our triumphs and are saddened by our defeats.
Above all we are friends to each other, Sisters in Christ if you will. Through these women I am learning and growing in my search for spiritual guidance.
I have strong belief in God, I just have that want to be in control and that causes me to struggle constantly. Why am I so afraid to just let go.

The other part of my weekend is that I am not the most organized or schedule laden mom type person there is, so my son who has ADHD has difficulty being organized himself. So my friend C. stopped by and helped to create a daily schedule for us both. He now knows what needs to be done and has a time that it needs to be done in, and although we started it on the weekend I can see that he is more confident and relaxed about what is excepted of him.

We ran into his teacher while out running errands and he happily told her about it and was excited to let her know that he had already finished his homework and had a plan for getting it done in the future. I have never seen him excited about homework before.

I am now motivated to get myself organized. If I can get C. to come over and help me get organized.

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