29 March 2009


I have just returned from our Woman's retreat.

The theme was "The Red Line" referring to the red words in the Bible that is the word of Jesus. I enjoyed getting away for the weekend and having some time to connect with some of the women of our church and to reconnect with God. Although during the worship portions of our retreat I felt drawn to the porch. It is a huge balcony overlooking a small pond and wooded area. I felt more at peace with God listening to nature. In the pond there was a wood duck hen and drake taking their morning bath, an Egret looking for breakfast, and many fish jumping. In the woods two squirrels were playing in a tree nearby while a pair of Cardinals called back and forth to each other. It was all very peaceful until the family of Canadian Geese flew over, circled the pond and moved on, honking furiously all the while.

It reminded me that life is a lot like that. You can be going along well and peaceful, all is right and "Bam" in the middle of everything along comes a loud confusing distraction. What we fail to remember all too often is that if you just let the distraction pass the calm will return.

I need to remember that. I let life and other distractions get in my way. I need to turn to God when the distractions come, and I still haven't quite figured out how to do that.

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