19 March 2010

Brighter Days and Blessings

Spring is in the air.  We were in Alabama most of the day and the weather was wonderful.  Not a sign of rain, and the Sunshine was a welcome change.
For the first time in a while I have a renewed feeling of hope.
On Wed.  we loaded our first Oversized Load in GA.  A couple of bulldozers going to Baton Rouge and Houston.  This being our first, we were a bit unsure of the proper securements, so Herb asked another driver and M. (the other driver) helped us secure the load.  Then we had to wait for permits and while we were waiting Herb was talking to another driver about where to get the Oversized Load banners and required red flags.  Instead of telling him where to get the items he needed he went to his truck
and gave us the 2 banners and 4 red flags we needed. 
We finally got everything taken care of and got on our way.  We stopped a few miles before we got to the Alabama state line and spent the night at the truck stop.(Oversized loads are only allowed to travel during daylight hours.)  We were also required to have an escort vehical with us while traveling across AL.
Early in the morning the escort met up with us and we started on our way.  We went about 16 miles before we encountered our first scale.  As required we stopped and took our papers in, then we
were told that one of the bulldozers had been loaded the wrong way.  In Alabama the blades must be facing the rear of the trailer and one of ours was facing the front.  The officer was very nice and did not give us a ticket, but, we had to go to the next truck stop and make arrangements to have it fixed.  So the next few hours were spent making arrangements to get this thing turned around.  We finally got the OK for a flatbed wrecker to come and help us.  They even had someone who knew how to drive a bulldozer!  Big relief....
We backed the dozer onto the wrecker, lowered it to the ground, turned it around, raised it back up and backed it onto the trailer.  No problem. 
While we were waiting on all the peticulars to be taken care of we met a small black dog who had apparently been abandoned at this truck stop, so while we were waiting we introduced him to Lea, it only took a few minutes untill they were friends and they spent the morning playing together.  This is another source of hope for me.  Lea has been a
bit agressive toward other dogs in the past and we felt that it was fear related.  So whenever given a chance we try to introduce her to other dogs.  Each time it has take less time for her to become friendly and this was the shortest amount of time yet.  So we believe that she is overcoming her fears.
In addition to this good news, as we were finishing up with resecuring the equipment, the manager of the truck stop came out and told us there was a phone call for the Prime driver.  Herb went in and found out someone had paid for the pizza special for us and would not give their name.  So we had pizza, hot wings and soda for lunch.
A big Thanks goes out to whom ever you are.  We will do our best to pay it forward.

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  1. Too bad you were in AL...you could have borrowed my hubby to turn the dozer around:) BTW...he's off to pipeline school for three weeks! Kids and I are eading to Lafayette the 21st and will be there until the 24th.