10 January 2010


To continue where I left off on my last post.....
We were not able to get reloaded right away out of North Carolina and there was a driver in Raleigh NC needing to go home and still had part of his load to deliver so we were asked to help him out.  We went to Raleigh and traded trailers with him.  We took his load to Chapel Hill for delivery to a construction site on the UNC campus.  Then the fun REALLY began.  We were first directed down a long narrow entrance to the site which ended in a T intersection.  Then we were told we were in the wrong part of the construction site and had to turn around and go back.  With a 20  foot wheelbase and a 48 foot trailer and two other trucks in the same area, turning around was not an option.  So with a little help from me and a lot of prayers and, ok a bit of skill, Herb managed to back up over a hundred yards around a crane and up a hill out onto the street to await guidence to the correct site.  We were taken to the other side of the constuction site to get unloaded.  This time it was a cul-de-sac type area of the campus.  One way in same way out and we were blocking half the road.  There were all sorts of deliveries being made all around us and watching the traffic weave its way in and out was comical at times.  One of the delivery trucks was carrying electrical cable for the job site and Herb and the other driver got to talking and discovered the had served on the USS Nimitz at the same time and knew each other.  How cool is that?
When we finished unloading Herb was able to make a Y turn (although he had to nearly jack-knife the truck to do it) and got turned around to leave the job site.  Some of the other drivers didn't appreciate having to back up or detour into parking spaces to allow us to leave.
We then returned to Raleigh to leave off a forgotten bundle at the other reciever and continued on to Monroe NC to pick up a trailer loaded with PVC pipe going to Houston TX.
While on our way to Houston we talked to a friend from Lafayette, he and his family were on their way home from Orlando and was going to be in Atlanta GA near the same time we were.  So arrangements were made to meet with the Townsend Family for lunch.  They had been vacationing in FL and had visited Disney.  The lines at Disney were not very long, not too many people wanted to ride rides in 15 degree weather.
We swarmed the Petro Truck stop with a sqaud of eleven.  The three of us and they with their six kids!  It was wonderful to spend time with friends from home.  All too soon we had to leave, they headed North and we headed West.
Thanks Townsend Family for a wonderful afternoon.  Many Prayers for a safe journey home.
We will be in Houston on Monday, will it be any warmer there?  Stay tuned, the quest for a warm spot in the US continues.  LOL

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