13 November 2009

Time Flies....

I have been trying to decide what to blog about for a couple of days and then I realized I haven't posted for nearly Three weeks. Wow! I don't even know what I have been doing that has kept me from posting...
After leaving Miami FL, we loaded in Hosford FL heading to Ennis TX, then on to Weslaco which is about as far south in TX as you can go without winding up in Mexico.
We then went up to Laredo (also on the border).
The load of Carrier AC Units that we were to pick up on Saturday was delayed and we were unable to pick them up until late Sunday afternoon. We then began our drive to Alpha New Jersey. Where as luck would have it they had a crane to unload the smallest unit. It was taken directly from the trailer to the roof of the library and place in position for instillation.
We continued on to Somerset NJ, this was a Union construction sight and it was Veteran's Day so we were delayed yet another day. We used this time to do a little shopping and ate brunch in a nice little restaurant in the burrow of Somerset.
We were allowed to sleep near the job sight which was off the beaten path in what was almost wooded. Very quiet and not a lot of street lights and such so we had the windows open and enjoyed the quiet.
In the morning after getting that unloaded we went to Delair NJ, and picked up a load weighing a whopping 732 lbs. Yes that is 7 Hundred Pounds. A nice easy load going all the way to Waukegan, IL. This was the lightest load either of us had ever hauled.
En route to Waukegan we stopped in Cayuga, IN to see our 3rd grade Trucker Buddy class. (The Trucker Buddy program is an International program that pairs up Elementary classes with Truck Drivers in a Pen-Pal format. We exchange letters, e-mails and pictures to help the students learn more about the United States and improve their Geography and Penmanship skills. While teaching about the trucking industry.) The class presented us with "Star" a stuffed dog. Star is white with red and blue stars in his fur. His ears are red on the inside and he has a blue star on his nose. Star is the class mascot and traveling buddy. He will travel with us having his picture taken at various stops and then report his activities to the students. Near the end of the school year he will return to the class room with many tails to tell.
After leaving our Trucker Buddy Class we delivered to Waukegan IL. Then reloaded out of Rockford, IL making only 2 stops along the way, but it was enough. Herb lost his cell phone. After much time on my phone trying to get a replacement we finally decided to combine our plans and now we both have the same carrier. Less headaches and one less bill to pay each month.
In Rockford we were loaded with a load of Styrofoam insulation board. Another light load. We are loving our fuel mileage this week. We were having trouble with the rear tarp staying on so we pulled it off and decided to make a stop at the terminal in Springfield, MO. to take care of it. (It was on the way any how)
While in Springfield we did laundry, and got the truck cleaned up. The weather was cold and rainy and with our appointment not until Tuesday we spent and extra night in Springfield at the Hotel. It was wonderful to get away from the truck for a few hours and to sleep in a big bed.
Rainy days and Mondays get you down??? Well, Monday dawned grey and rainy. Herb spent the morning getting necessary items for the truck, new bungee cords, a few more straps, a couple of new tarps, etc. Stuff that we needed. I on the other hand was able to spend a couple of hours un-interrupted on the computer.
We left out about 6pm and headed to Grand Prairie TX, we got there about 7:20am and finally got unloaded about 3pm. Hurry up and wait was the order of the morning, then we were off and running to get to Cleburne TX before they left for the day.
We are on our way to Lubbock TX. for delivery. From there who knows which way we will go. We are hoping to get home for the Thanksgiving Holiday, then we will run hard until Christmas and take a few days off at that time. I promise to do better keeping you posted.

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