29 December 2008


I have wanted to create a blog for a long time now, I just have not had the courage.

It is very scary to me to put some of my thoughts into word and to have it out there for people to read..........What am I thinking????

OK, I am thinking this would be a good way to help keep me on track, and to have some accoutability.

This next year I (we) are planning to grow closer to God, get our finances in order, and lose weight. I am taking a financial planning course thru my church in January in hopes of gettig the financial aspect started, I have recently returned to my Father's house and have been forgiven and blessed, with several new and wonderful friends/sisters in Christ. I have high hopes of one or more of these friends becomming partners in crime when it comes to becoming more healthy and losing weight.

All of this and I still have my EMT course to finish.

I am so looking forwad to the year 2009. I believe there are many positive things in store for us all.


  1. I KNOW you will do great in all of this..You are a strong person and with the help of GOD ..ALL is possible!

  2. Hey Rita!! Welcome to the blog world!!

    I know you will do great in the upcoming year! I look forward to reading and learning more about you!