16 December 2009

Cold, cold and more cold.

This last two weeks have been crazy and cold.  We have seen more snow and cold weather in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California then we have anywhere else in the US.

We were in Pharr, TX about as far south in TX as you can go without winding up in Mexico and it was snowing.  There was 8 inches of snow in El Paso, and we hit a blizzard that dropped 22 inches of snow in Flagstaff AZ.  Going into CA it was only 55 degress near Los Angeles and over 3 feet of snow up on Donner's Pass.

Herb and Kaitlynn decided that they wanted to take a walk in the snow.  It's up over Herb's knees and nearly to Kaitlynn's waist.  She had a blast playing in the snow.

Then of course it became necessary to toss her into the snow.  It was so deep she couldn't even stand up by herself.  We had to drag her out.  A good time was had by all.  Herb tried to throw me into the snow but wound up in it himself.
After leaving CA we went to WY a little town called Himes, it isn't even on the map it is half way between Greybull and Lovell.  There it was 10 degrees above zero with 20 mph winds and they were considering that a heat wave.  The day before it was 17 below with 35 mph winds.  This place was kind of neat because we delivered rolls of paper to one end of the buliding and loaded sheet rock (plaster board) out of the other end.  We took that to Denver to deliver.
It was only 500 miles from Himes to Denver so we had most of Saturday and all of Sunday off.
Sunday morning we went downtown and walked around the 16th street mall, then we called a friend in Denver and spent Sunday evening with him and his family.  Mrs. W. made Spaghetti and Meatballs with Salad and Garlic bread.  It was a wonderful change from truck stop and fast food then we played cards untill time for the kids to go to bed.
We went back to our truck and drove to the reciever and slept there for the night so we could be unloaded first thing in the morning.
After getting unloaded we drove to Pueblo to get a load of "Slinkies"  rolls of wire coils that look like slinkies.  We had 8 of them on the trailer and took them to Stillwater OK.  Even now it is only 23 degrees outside.
I wanna know "What is all the talk about Global Warming???   I am freezing my nooggies off.
We are picking up in Duke OK in the morning and heading to Arkansas, maybe it will be warmer there.
Looks like we are heading for Indiana for Christmas.  We thought about spending the holiday in Springfield, but it just dosen't seem like Christmas without friends and family (no matter how disfunctional they may be) around.


04 December 2009

More of Texas

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We were able to make it back to Indiana.
Colin came down from his dad's house and spent a couple of days with me.  He is growing into a fine young man. (I cringe as I write this, he's my baby boy)  His manners and attitude have greatly improved.  He is a straight A Honor student and helps out in the school book store.  I am very proud of him.

Herb and Kaitlynn dropped me off in Lafayette, and contiued on to deliver the load we had in Conneticut, then they had to dead-head back, but they were able to make it in time for leftovers at the Townsend House where we spent part of our day then we moved on to my parents house for more leftovers.  Not a bad way to spend Thanksgiving Day.
On Friday we had to take Colin back to his Dad,then we went to Russellville, KY for a load going to Conroe, TX.  Then we got a load going to Taos, NM. (A ski town in New Mexico!!!??) 
Then out of Albaquerque (Yes dad, we saw Bugs Bunny and made the Left turn in Albaquerque.) we headed back to Pharr, Texas. Way South of Houston.

On the way to Pharr we passed through El Paso, TX and this is what we saw.

They got nearly 8 inches of snow in El Paso.  Yes folks that is in Texas.

This is the Mountains just over the Mexico boarder and all those clouds are dummping massive amounts of snow.

We are now on our way to Larado, TX to pick up a load going to Santa Fe, NM, Commerce City CA and San Leandro, CA.
This will add CA, and AZ to Kailynn's list of states.

Believe it or not as we head North the tempeture is rising. Go figure.

On our way to CA we will be passing through Roswell, NM and Lake Havasu City, AZ depending on time we hope to stop in both places so Kaitlynn can see the Aliens and London Bridge.