10 February 2009

Just catching up

It has been nearly to weeks since my last post. Not that the world will come to an end if I don't post, I am not even sure anyone reads this anyway. These are just my thoughts out loud.

First I am a failure at Weight Watchers, I have tried so hard to do it on my own but, it is not working there fore I go..........Back to the meetings. My friend M and I are attending a meeting on Wed. at Noon in the Payless Plaza near the Mall. Please join us if you are interested. I am committed to reaching my goal of a size 16 by New Years Eve......My Hubby and I will have big plans when that goal is reached. I have a killer blue velvet dress that I am dying to wear again.

Second, I am nearly through my EMS classes, I am holding my own with the test scores, and we are working on our practical skills. My fear is the Practical exam. 4 April, 2009 7am. I need your prayers, help me to remember my skills. I know what to do it's just doing it for pretend and having to verbalize all the things that you do naturally.
Think of it this way....You need to walk someone thru the process of making a PBJ sandwich but you are in the living room and doing it all by memory and the person who is making the sandwich is in the kitchen and is blind. That is how the Practical skills test feels.

Next is our FPU. I am really psyched to get this show on the road, I am more than a little overwhelmed at making it work. Obviously what we have been doing is not working, but old habits are hard to break. That and I haven't seen the hubster since Christmas so I am doing most of the paper work either alone or over the phone. That makes for interesting conversation.

Lastly I am starting to come out of my funk (see last posting). I think the Spring weather has helped. Although I do wish for one last snow ha-rah as I am going on a church trip with my son and his "other" church. We are going skiing in Michigan. It will be JC's first time on skis and I am so excited for him.

Well back to the duties of being MOM.
More soon.